Causes Of High Water Bills

Posted on: 1 August 2016

No one looks forward to the monthly bills. They always seem too high, but occasionally, they seem way too high. If you receive a water bill that has risen significantly, you need to do some investigation. You may have serious plumbing problems or a malfunctioning meter. You may be able to determine the issue on your own.

Water Leaks

The simplest way to determine a water leak is to turn off all the water in the house. Then you should go outside and look at the water meter. If the dial or wheel on the meter is moving, you have a leak. If you want to know how much water you are losing, keep the water turned off, take a baseline meter reading, and then come back an hour later to take a new one. This move will provide valuable information for your plumbing specialist.

Meter Issues

Sometimes, your water meter is truly faulty. Obviously, if the plumber doesn't find any leaks, the high water bill points to a meter malfunction. Certain issues can contribute to faulty readings, including a water main break. If your water suddenly stops but you leave the faucets open, air can build up in the system. When the water line is fixed, the push of the water can force high-pressure air into the meter, making the dial spin out of control. This effect will cause the meter to record a false high reading.

Another common problem is the "dial grab." Many meters have several small dials located side by side. If one is misaligned, it can cause the one next to it to jump forward when it turns, giving a much higher reading than it should. Simply watching your meter for a time while leaving water running should alert you to this problem. If you note a malfunction, you need to call the water department immediately so they can repair or replace your current meter.

A high water bill is the last thing anyone needs. Often, these bills are due to a problem in either in your plumbing or your water meter. You can do a little detective work to determine the issue before you call in the experts. If you do not have a malfunction, the problem lies with someone simply being careless with your water usage. Monitoring the length of your children's showers and cutting down on watering your grass may help to reduce your bill in that instance. Contact a plumbing contractor at a company like All Clear for more information.