4 Tips For Planning Portable Toilets For An Outdoor Run

Posted on: 10 November 2016

If you are hosting an outdoor run, one of your main concerns will be sanitation on the day of the race. For most races, this means ordering an adequate number of portable toilets from a company like AAA Pumping Service and making sure they are set up in an accessible area. Races have a few unique concerns compared to other outdoor events when it comes to renting toilets. Below are some tips that you should keep in mind when placing your order. 

Get More Than You Would for Other Outdoor Events

Most portable toilet rental companies will have a standard number of toilets that you should rent if you are hosting an outdoor event. This is usually based on the number of people expected to attend as well as the length of the event. However, you will likely need more toilets than an event such as a festival or street fair. This is because even though your event may be short, it is more likely that your participants will want to use the toilets at the same time: right before the race starts. For this reason, order more toilets than you would for other events. 

Consider Setting Up Multiple Blocks of Toilets 

To help with lines, consider setting up multiple blocks of toilets instead of a single toilet area. This can be easy to do if you are sectioning off runners by running speed. Simply provide 2-3 toilets for each race block. If you are not splitting your runners into blocks, consider setting up 5-6 toilets in a line at various areas of your start and finish. 

Include Toilets at Water Stations 

Even for short races, it is a good idea to have a few toilets available at water and refueling stations. This will allow volunteers manning the station to use the toilet without leaving their station and walking all the way to the start or finish. Additionally, some slower runners may need a toilet during a short race, due to the extra time they take to complete the race. 

Consider Having a Toilet Monitor 

Runners are notoriously bad at taking care of portable toilets. This may be due to nerves, long lines, and a need to get back to their warm-up. However, you can help keep your toilets clean by having a volunteer assigned to monitoring toilets. They can make sure the line continues to move by directing people to free toilets, and make sure the toilet is stocked with toilet paper at all times.