4 Problems That Might Arise With A Gas Water Heater

Posted on: 14 November 2016

Do you take a lot of cold showers because the gas water heater periodically malfunctions? Resolving the problem might involve one or more parts to the water heater needing to be repaired. You must keep the age of the water heater in mind as well because it is possible that you need to buy a new one. In this article, you will find out about the possible reasons why your gas water heater has not been working properly.

1. The Gas Lines Need to Be Inspected

The main thing that is needed for your water heater to function properly is a sufficient supply of gas. One of the common reasons for the gas level to be low is damage to the lines. For example, it is natural for the metal lines to accumulate large amounts of rust when they become old. The rust is then able to cause holes to develop, which leads to gas escaping out before making it to the water heater. However, if the lines are leaking and in need of a repair, you should smell the gas.

2. Inaccuracy from the Thermostat

Take a look at the water heater thermostat to determine if it is damaged in any way. If the thermostat is crooked or appears to be old, it is possible that the reading on it isn't accurate. Even if you don't notice anything of concern, it does not mean that the thermostat is in good shape. You should get it inspected by a professional to find out if it is functioning and heating water to the right level. A new thermostat might be needed.

3. Too Many Drafts Near the Pilot Flame

The location of a gas water heater can play a role in how it functions. For example, it is important for the water heater to be in an area that does not have a lot of windows and doors. When air passes through a window or door, it can cause the pilot flame to go out. If you have to constantly ignite the pilot, drafts might be the root of the problem.

4. Damage to the Thermocouple

There is a part located in your gas water heater that is called the thermocouple. A thermocouple is actually one of the most important parts because it determines how long the pilot will remain ignited. Basically, the thermocouple detects a pilot flame and signals the gas valve to keep releasing gas. The pilot will not receive any gas if the thermocouple has stopped working. Consult with a plumber about repairing your water heater.

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