5 Things To Avoid If You Have A Septic System

Posted on: 23 November 2016

If your house has its own septic system, there are things that you need to avoid in order to keep your septic system working and flowing properly at all times.

#1 Don't Plant Things With Deep Roots Near Your Septic System

When you plant in your yard, make sure that you know where your septic field is located at. Don't plant anything with a deep root system on top of or around your septic system and field. Instead, plant things that have very shallow roots, such as flowers and grass. Deep roots may decide to seek out the water in your septic system as a source of water and ruin your system.

#2 Don't Park On Top Of Your Septic System

You should not turn the area above where your septic system into an area to park your vehicles. Parking your vehicles on top of your septic field will compress the soil. When the soil gets compressed, it could cause the lid on your septic system to get crushed. It could also result in the pipes that feed into your septic system to get broken and damaged, resulting in a non-functioning septic system.

#3 Don't Build On Top Of Your Septic System

You also should not build on top of your septic system. This will also compress the soil and could result in damage to your septic tank and pipes that feed into your septic system. Additionally, building or paving on top of your septic system will limit your access to inspecting and pump out your septic system. It will also prevent water from evaporating and will harm the flow of the groundwater.

#4 Don't Use A Garbage Disposal

Although a garbage disposal can be really nice to use, you should limit its use if you have a septic system. Put a cover over your drain in your kitchen sink, and get rid of food scraps that way. Only use your garbage disposal when you absolutely need to in order to clean out the drain. Putting food and grease down your garbage disposal can harm your septic tank and easily clog up your pipes.

#5 Don't Put Chemicals Down The Drain

In order for your septic system to work properly, it relies on a delicate balance of chemicals and bacteria to break down all the waste that goes through your pipes. You don't want to mess with the eco-system of your septic tank by putting chemicals down the drain. Do not pour bleach or drain cleaners down your drains; try to use natural cleaning methods instead, like vinegar and baking soda. Do not put any strong chemicals, like paints, oils, or pesticides, down your sinks; these things can really mess with balance of things in your septic tank.

Follow the five tips above in order to keep your septic system working properly and in order to avoid costly repair. For more tips, contact a company like Tyler Contracting Co.