3 Telltale Signs Of Outdated Plumbing In A Home Every Buyer Should Know

Posted on: 30 November 2016

That old house has really caught your eye due to its architectural uniqueness, and you are more than ready to make an offer. But before you talk to your lender and get things lined up to buy that antiquated home, it is wise to make sure there are no hidden plumbing problems that could cost you a lot of money to replace. Even though it will be best to have the home fully inspected by a licensed plumbing contractor, there are also some telltale indicators that can tell you there are problems. Here is a quick look at a few things that will tell you the plumbing in that old house is far beyond the need for replacement. 

The water coming from the pipes is a funky color or filled with debris.

Put a stopper in a tub or sink and proceed to fill it with a healthy level of water. Take a good look at this water once it has settled. Pay close attention to a rusty or murky color, bits of metal floating around, and even flakes of limescale or calcium deposits. All of this is an indication that the lines where the water was distributed from are deteriorating, rusty, or otherwise breaking down. In most cases, this will mean that the delivery lines in the house are outdated enough that it is well past time for replacement, which can be a lengthy procedure. 

There are indications of sporadic leaks. 

Old plumbing pipes have a tendency to break down by becoming more porous. This means that leaks may not show up as a steady stream from one spot, but rather a bunch of tiny leaks because of the pinhole spots in the lines. These leaks may look a lot like condensation on the outside of a plumbing pipe, so make sure you take a towel and wipe the line dry and wait for a bit to see just how the moisture is showing up. 

The toilets have little pressure to flush and the drains are slow. 

Slow drainage in an older home is a good indication that the septic system is not up to date. If you flush a toilet and it doesn't want to drain as it should or if you notice a sink full of water takes a while to drain, it could mean that the septic tank is either full or the drainage lines leading to the septic or sewer system are clogged or damaged. 

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