Four Signs That You Need A Whole-Home Water Softener

Posted on: 30 November 2016

You've probably heard of water softeners. Maybe your neighbors all have them, and perhaps your family members have told you that you need one. While many people do benefit from having a water softener installed in their home, not everyone has hard water, and so not everyone really needs a water softener. Before you jump on the water softener bandwagon, consider whether you're experiencing these four signs that indicate you have hard water and would benefit from a softener.

Mineral deposits around your faucets.

Hard water is essentially water with a high concentration of dissolved minerals. If you have hard water, these minerals will start depositing on your faucets. It's not really the faucets themselves that are the problem though – it's the fact that if you're getting deposits in your faucets, you're also getting them in your pipes. Eventually, these deposits will fully clog your pipes and you'll need to replace them. Alternatively, you could install a water softener to remove the minerals before they have a chance to deposit any further.

Difficulty getting soap to lather.

Do you feel like you have to use pump after pump of soap in order to achieve a good lather? Maybe you go through shampoo faster than imaginable. Hard water makes soap less lathery. Installing a water softener will allow you to use less soap and detergent, and you (and your items) will feel a lot cleaner, too.

Loss of water pressure.

There are several possible causes of lost water pressure. The first thing you should do is check your water bill to ensure it has not skyrocketed, as this would indicate that a leak is causing your low water pressure. But if you have low water pressure and your water bill has not increased, it's likely due to mineral deposits that have begun to clog your pipes. By the time deposits get this bad, you usually have no choice but to have the clogged pipes replaced, but you'll also want to install a softener to ensure you don't have to make this same costly repair again in a few years.

Dry skin.

Are you always having to slather on lotion to keep your skin from cracking and peeling? Perpetually dry skin can be a sign of hard water. The minerals deposited on your skin leech moisture out of it and also block lotions from being absorbed properly. Install a water softener, and the itchiness and dryness will likely subside.

Water softeners can cost as little as $400. Talk to your plumber to learn more.