Plumbing Tips For Leaky Bathrooms

Posted on: 28 June 2018

Many people tend to ignore bathroom leaks--just because they are happening in the bathroom. What they don't known is that bathroom leaks can cause significant damage to their home if left unattended for a while. If you cannot fix or locate the leaks in your bathroom, ensure that you ask for plumbing services from professional plumbers immediately.

The most common types of bathroom leaks include splash and toilet leaks. Here are a few tips on how you can find and fix these leaks in your bathroom.

Splash leaks

These leaks happen because of water getting past the shower door or curtain and leaking to the bathroom floor. Splash leaks are prevalent in many homes and many people don't even categorize them as a problem. However, splash leaks can cause a serious problem to your floor and tiling. If left unaddressed, splash leaks can cause a lot of very costly damage.

Detecting splash leaks

It's very easy to detect splash leaks—you only need to look for any signs of displaced water outside the shower room. Also, signs of mold or moisture around your bath tub's base is an indication of splash leaks.

Fixing splash leaks

Splash leaks happen when the shower curtain or door is malfunctioning. If your bathroom has a door, always ensure that it is sealed completely when showering. Check whether the door's sweeps and gaskets are in place from time to time. In case the leaks are coming from the frame, try sealing the spaces between the frame and door.

If you use a shower curtain, ensure that you use the correct size and that you install it correctly. Always replace the curtain whenever it starts to look damaged or ragged.

Toilet leaks

Mostly, toilet leaks happen when your toilet runs for a longer period than it is supposed to. Running toilets are a result of water leaking out of the toilet's water tank into the toilet bowl.

Detecting toilet leaks

One way to check for toilet leaks is to use a floater to check the water levels in the tank. When you notice that the floater is not reaching the fill point, then there is a leak. Also, you can use food coloring. Put some into the tank, and check whether the water in the toilet bowl changes color after a while. If that's the case, then there is a leak.

How to fix toilet leaks

You can fix toilet leaks in several ways. First, check whether the flapper is properly fixed. If it's not, then that's the cause of the leak. Therefore, check to ensure that the flapper is in its position. Also, you can re-adjust the floater. When the tank's floater rises above the normal level, there is a possibility of water reaching the overflow faucet. When that happens, water can start to escape into the toilet bowl. Therefore, check to see if the floater is in its recommended position.

Don't ignore leaks in your bathroom. Instead, call a licensed plumber to come help. It may not be a fun way to spend your money, but repairing now will save you a lot of money in damages later on.