A Quick Look At Having A Water Softener Installed And The Benefits You'll Enjoy

Posted on: 23 December 2019

A water softener could make your life easier because you'll spend less time scrubbing scale off the shower tile. There are several more benefits to having a water softener installed, and a plumber can have your unit put in and operational in a few hours. Here's an overview of the installation process and the benefits you can expect from your new water softener.

What To Expect With Water Softener Installation

The place you buy your water softener from may offer installation as well. It's probably a good decision to let a plumber install your new water softener. You might need a permit from your city and that means the work will probably need to be inspected to make sure it's up to code. Letting a plumber put in your softener makes sure it's in the right place and installed properly so you don't have any problems.

The first step is to figure out where to put the softener. Somewhere close to where the water comes in your home before the hot water supply is best so all your faucets are treated. However, you might prefer not to soften the water that you use for cooking and drinking in your kitchen. The plumber can set up your unit so it treats all parts of your home except the kitchen faucet if that's what you want.

Water softener installation involves connecting the unit to a plumbing pipe and drain. The unit also needs electricity, so if you can find a location that has these three things, your softener will be less expensive to install. The water to your home will be shut off while the work is being done until the softener is all hooked up. Once it's installed, the plumber will test the unit to make sure it's operating properly. If you weren't taught how to maintain the softener at the shop, the plumber may give you some tips on how to take care of your new water softener so it has a long life.

Some Of The Benefits Of Soft Water You'll Enjoy

Some nice perks of soft water include softer and cleaner clothing as well as more luxurious suds when you shower or do dishes. However, there are more practical benefits that could save you money over the years by protecting your home from hard water. Hard water allows scale to build up in your plumbing pipes and appliances. With soft water, there is no mineral buildup. This prolongs the life of your appliances and helps your plumbing stay in good shape.

Contact a plumber who offers residential water softener installation services to learn more.