Residential Plumbing Issues That Mean It's Time To Call For Help

Posted on: 25 February 2020

You might be a bit handy and be able to fix some small residential plumbing issues. Changing a leaky faucet can be easy enough, although you have to remember to shut off the water supply first. A localized clog can usually be managed with a plunger or drain cleaner, but when the clog is stubborn or deeper in the system you will need the help of residential plumbing services. While small issues like a leaky faucet might be ignored for a while, these are things that should be taken care of to avoid damage to your home. Even a small leak can waste gallons of water a day, and cause damage to anything below the leak in your home.

When Your Sink Continually Clogs

One clog in your sink isn't a big deal and can usually be fixed easily. If your sink is always clogging, you probably have a bigger problem farther down in the system. Small clogs can be managed with drain cleaner, but you can't reach a clog deep in the system with chemicals. You would have to use enough chemicals to reach the clog, and this would damage your pipes. When you have clogs frequently, residential plumbing services will take a careful look at your plumbing system and take care of the cause.

When Your Water Usage Goes Way Up

You might receive a call from your water department that your water usage is excessive. This could be due to filling up a swimming pool or trying to make your children a backyard ice skating rink. If you have no idea why your water usage went up, you probably have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. Residential plumbing services can come and inspect your entire system to find the source of the water leak and repair your system.

If You are Noticing an Odor

As clogs form deep in your system, you will begin to smell an odor coming from your drains. This is because wastewater isn't leaving your home as it should, and you are smelling what is left behind. When odors are coming from more than one drain, residential plumbing services should be called. If there is a clog building up, this can be taken care of before you have a systemic problem with wastewater backup in your home.

Contact your residential plumbing services when you discover issues and you aren't sure how to fix them. Keep your plumbing system in good shape with routine help when you need it.