3 Reasons Why Drain Cleaning Is So Important

Posted on: 30 June 2020

If you've never cleaned out your drains before, you could have a potential disaster in the future on your hands. Your drains need to be cleaned out, but you can't wait until you have an issue before you do something about it, or the problem will have already existed and the disaster could still occur. If you aren't sure why cleaning your drains is important, read on for reasons why it is something you should do as a homeowner.

1. To Prevent A Pest Problem

If your drains are full of gunk and buildup from grease, oil and food particles, or even soap and hair, they can be a great place to house pests such as fruit flies. Fruit flies will nest in this gunk buildup in your drains and will lay eggs there. You'll begin to notice fruit flies around your drains and eventually all over your home. If you have this type of pest problem, your drains are the problem. Clean out your drains using bleach, pouring it around the edges of the drain. You can also pour boiling water down the drain to help clear out fruit flies and also help clear out the drain gunk as well.

2. To Prevent A Backup

If your drains are full and you're trying to still shower, do the dishes, flush the toilet, and do laundry, all of this excess water is going to need to go somewhere. If it isn't able to get through your drains, you're going to end up with a backup in your home. All of this excess drainage backing up into your home can be a major disaster. You need to have your drains cleaned out immediately to prevent more drainage backup in your home. 

3. To Prevent A Health Issue

If you have drain backup, it can cause a health concern. Depending on what is backing up into your home, it can result in injury to someone in your home, as the water and waste coming back into your home could contain harmful bacteria. If you aren't careful, it can result in sickness to you or someone else in your home. Having your drains cleaned will prevent this from occurring. 

Cleaning your drains is very important. If you suspect your drains need to be cleaned, as you are noticing slow drainage or have heard gurgling sounds, call a plumber to have your drains cleaned to prevent any of the issues above.

For further details on drain cleaning, reach out to a plumber near you.