• How To Remove The Upper Or Lower Thermostat In Your Water Heater

    A water heater has a pair of thermostats that ensure the water in the tank remains universally heated. The lower thermostat ensures that the water first supplied out of your faucet is warmed. Once you use some of the water from the tank, cold water goes into the tank to fill the loss. The upper thermostat ensures that incoming water becomes sufficiently heated so it doesn't dilute the overall heat in the tank. [Read More]

  • Protecting Your Pipes: Why Commercial Drain Cleaner Isn't Your Best Option

    If you have found that a drain in your home is going slow, or the drain is completely blocked, you will probably go for a bottle of liquid drain cleaner first. While this can get rid of a clog caused by hair or grease, the clog can usually be taken care of by other methods that are safer for you and your home. Liquid drain cleaners are not very effective at removing clogs from your drain, and a snake or a plunger will be more useful. [Read More]

  • Need a New Water Heater? Why You Should Go Tankless

    If your water heater is down, and you need to buy a new one, you will find some changes on the market if you have not looked at water heaters in some time. One thing you will notice is that there are tankless water heaters available. This type of water heater comes with a bigger price tag, but the advantages of it will far outweigh the money you spend upfront. Below is some more information about this so you can decide whether going tankless is right for you. [Read More]

  • 4 Problems That Might Arise With A Gas Water Heater

    Do you take a lot of cold showers because the gas water heater periodically malfunctions? Resolving the problem might involve one or more parts to the water heater needing to be repaired. You must keep the age of the water heater in mind as well because it is possible that you need to buy a new one. In this article, you will find out about the possible reasons why your gas water heater has not been working properly. [Read More]

  • Having Guests In For The Holidays? 3 Ways To Prepare Your Plumbing Before They Arrive

    Now that fall is here, the holidays are just around the corner. If you're going to be entertaining guests, it's time to get your house up and ready. While you're getting things ready, don't forget about your plumbing. A bit of preventative maintenance can help prevent plumbing emergencies during your get-togethers. Here are three simple steps you can take to avoid plumbing problems and costly repairs while you're entertaining guests. [Read More]

  • 4 Tips For Planning Portable Toilets For An Outdoor Run

    If you are hosting an outdoor run, one of your main concerns will be sanitation on the day of the race. For most races, this means ordering an adequate number of portable toilets from a company like AAA Pumping Service and making sure they are set up in an accessible area. Races have a few unique concerns compared to other outdoor events when it comes to renting toilets. Below are some tips that you should keep in mind when placing your order. [Read More]

  • Causes Of High Water Bills

    No one looks forward to the monthly bills. They always seem too high, but occasionally, they seem way too high. If you receive a water bill that has risen significantly, you need to do some investigation. You may have serious plumbing problems or a malfunctioning meter. You may be able to determine the issue on your own. Water Leaks The simplest way to determine a water leak is to turn off all the water in the house. [Read More]

  • Preventing Grease Clogs

    Grease is one of the most common materials that clogs plumbing in the kitchen. This is because it is relatively dense, but still flows fairly easily when hot, which means that it can slowly build up in your pipes over time. Grease clogs are also notoriously hard to fix, because they are semi-liquid and cannot be easily removed with a drain snake. Thankfully, there are a couple of simple things that you can do in the kitchen to help reduce the chances of a grease clog occurring in the future. [Read More]

  • Boost The Function Of Your AC Unit

    An AC unit can do a lot to keep your home cool, but it comes with a cost. AC units are one of the most expensive home appliances to operate. Thus, it is a good idea to do whatever you can to reduce your operating costs. Sometimes, you need to look beyond the unit itself in order to boost the function of your system.  Check Your Ducts Ducts can develop leaks over time. [Read More]