• Troubleshooting Guide: Water Heater Elements

    Electric water heaters contain one or more heating elements. These elements are powered by electricity, and they have the sole job of heating the water in the tank. If the elements fail, your tank will no longer produce hot water. Signs of Heating Element Failure Element failure is usually obvious. A failing element will no longer heat the water properly. This may be a complete failure, which means that there is no hot water at all. [Read More]

  • Steps Involved In Rewiring Your House

    If your home is older than 20 years old, you should consider having its wiring inspected. Since modern lifestyles consume more energy than they did 20 years ago, one of the reasons for hiring house rewiring services is to bring your home up to date so it can handle modern-day power needs. Here are some steps involved in home rewiring projects. Planning The first step in rewiring your home involves planning. Your electrician will need to determine the size of your home and your electricity consumption. [Read More]